Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Messing Up As a Mom

Unless you have hired Nanny McPhee to whip your kids into shape, you are probably going to berate yourself for every parenting fail. You see… it’s the mother who sets the standards and enforces rules. That chubby face and puppy dog eyes will get to you from time to time, and let’s admit it, sometimes you fall hard and end up cuddling your kid. It’s alright because even though you are a mom, you are allowed to make mistakes.

Here’s what we think: if the Kardashians can do it, then so can you! They have a brood of children and they turned out pretty well, from what we have seen and heard so far. Every mom has this fear that the slightest of mistakes on their part will turn their kid into a monster. Newsflash: Your kid “will” turn into a monster when he or she reaches the age of 5.

Here’s the best advice we have for moms: Don’t beat yourself up!

Now the question is, “How?”

First of all, take it easy. You deal with plenty of bad situations on a daily basis. Bad as in one that requires a trip to the hospital and where all you need to do is give a little scolding and tell them to clean up the mess while you lend a helping hand.

Yes, the latter is very important. You see, if you don’t show love at a time like this, your kid will become rebellious. You need to be firm but make sure they realize their mistake!

  • When in doubt, remind yourself that whatever you are doing is in their best interest
  • When you feel yourself getting angry, take deep calming breaths and repeat to yourself, “I can do this”
  • When you get scared, get your kids into bed and then do something calming for yourself
  • When you feel confused and lost, talk to a loved one and share

Yes, it’s as simple as that! So, next time you mess something up, remind yourself that it is all going to be ok. There’s nothing more precious than a warm hug from your kid, which fixes everything!

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