About Us

Who are we…

Founded in 2018, The Freight Hopper focuses on delivering original content surrounding trending and novel travel topics. Primarily focused on Ages 18-35, we understand that our audiences continuously seek not just destinations but new experiences that are shared and promoted through their online social presence.

The Editors

Chad O’Callahan

When Chad isn’t busy fishing he’s traveling the world taking stunning photos for some of the world’s most renowned publications. At TFH he serves as editor-in-chief and enjoys writing about exciting new experiences or documenting his photographic journeys around the world.

Alyssa Madison

Alyssa loves travel, great outdoors and all things horticulture. Currently assistant-editor at TFH, she also is an avid supporter of sustainable food initiatives and contributes by maintaining her own urban garden in Bushwick and promoting local farmers markets.

The Contributors

Benjamin Delong

Benjamin Delong, inventor of the internet, modern cell phones, and all things that are written, is currently working as a freelance writer with a focus on all things odd. When he is not traveling and investigating instances of “high strangeness”, he makes his living authoring articles of all topics. Armed with his laptop, camera, and a growing sense of curiosity, Benjamin is dedicated to finding and delivering exciting content to all those willing to read.

Abhinanda Datta

Abhinanda is an arts and culture writer. Originally from India, she has worked in three countries and currently lives in Chicago. She is a self-proclaimed misanthrope and prefers the company of her many dogs.

Emma Philo

Having worked in freelance writing for the last 3 years, Emma covers many topics such as lifestyle, self development and notably fashion. Now based in Paris, she works in marketing and continues to create content.

James Dyde

James Dyde is a British transplant to Central America, where he’s been since 2000. When he’s not contributing to TFH, he’s the editor of travel and lifestyle site centralamerica.com and lives in San Jose, Costa Rica.