20 Extravagant Celebrity Mansions You WISH You Lived In

Do you enjoy gazing at the rich and famous when you travel? Check out this guide of the top 20 celebrity cribs to add to your bucket list the next time you are stalking the rich and famous.

Us mere mortals can’t fathom having Turkish baths in our apartment building or 20 seater home theatres but for these 20 celebrities, extravagance and luxury are a part of their day to day lives. Read on to find out how the other half lives in luxury real estate.

20. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood sweethearts, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make it to our list despite having a humble (or as humble as celebrities get) home worth a little over $2 million when purchased in 2012. The couple’s property is snuggled in Bedford, New York and despite being on the cozier side, still manages to pack in features like a library and a sunroom. 

19. Meg Ryan

She’s not just popular because of her old school Hollywood grace; Meg Ryan is also infamous for her talent of renovating beautiful houses. She recently dropped $9 million on a three bedroom condo in New York’s star studded Tribeca building. The building has some jaw dropping features such as a 71 foot indoor pool, a temperature controlled wine cellar and it’s very own Turkish bath!

18. Tyra Banks

The Emmy award winner recently shelled out almost $7 million for a multi story ocean view pad near Pacific Palisades, California. It’s a beautifully expansive 6,160 square feet with five bedrooms, hardwood floors, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gorgeous ocean.

17. Brad Pitt

Source: Splash News

Originally purchased in 1994 for $1.7 million, Brad Pitt’s L.A estate has grown in the past 22 years to encompass five adjoining properties.  It’s a 5,300 square foot space with beautifully landscaped lawns and a private pool.

16. Kylie Jenner

She may be the youngest of the Kardashian clan but as the almost youngest billionaire in the world, Kylie has properties that appropriately fit that title. Her current home was purchased for $12 million and is located in the exclusive Hidden Hills community. Its 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms aren’t the only grand feature. The house also has a home theatre, a massage room, and a gorgeous swimming pool.

15. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

The power couple lives in a grand property worth over $10 million situated on the island of Sonning Eye on the River Thames. It’s a beautiful 17th century mansion that gives off a uniquely English feel.

14. Mandy Moor

Mandy Moor’s 1950s home is one of the most gorgeous picks on this list. Renovated tastefully so as to not lose the original beauty, Moor’s home reflects her own confidence, warmth and passion. 

13. Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth’s impressive Australian properly is worth $7 million and is located on the popular Byron Bay. It’s a multi story house with eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms and its own separate villas – you know, in case he has house guests.  

12. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Source: Jim Bartsch

When Ellen isn’t winning our hearts with her humor, she and wife Portia are kicking back and relaxing in this gorgeous $15 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California. It’s got a view to die for that makes you feel on top of the world with a covered patio that overlooks the skyline. Other notable features include a fire pit, huge glass doors that let in tons of natural light and a spa like bathroom.

11. Reese Witherspoon

The star’s $12.7 million Los Angeles property is featured expansively on her Instagram where she loves giving her followers an intimate view of her detailed interior design. The four bedroom house has gorgeous panoramic views from the surrounding polo fields to the ocean and has its own pool, spa, and fireplace which make her home a private little haven. 

10. Gwnyth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Gwynth Paltrow has a flair for interior design and her Los Angeles home has much to show for it. Her $10.5 million home is a Windsor-Smith designed mansion with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and its very own horse stable! Paltrow also shares some inside sneak peeks of her house on her Instagram where we can’t get over how gorgeous her attention to detail is.

9. Jennifer Anniston

Anniston’s home follows the philosophy of “sexy is important, but comfort is essential.” And that is exactly what her $21 million LA home represents.  It’s a blend of Old World and New World style, representing her own unique tastes. The exterior is surrounded by lush greenery while the interior has notable modern and classic amenities.

8. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Though Kim K has a ban on showing her property on social media, she does slip up and show us glimpses into her $20 million home. It’s surprisingly simple compared to other celebrity homes. It’s minimalist, monochromatic color scheme give off a modern vibe. The couple is also reported to have slashed out $20 million for renovations recently.

7. Taylor Swift

Source: Christopher Riccio of Leslie J. Garfield

The pop sensation is a mother to eight different luxurious properties but our pick is this gorgeous brick townhouse. It’s the perfect blend of cozy yet luxurious. With five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, indoor poor and double height ceilings, it’s one of her most beautiful purchases.

6. Jennefir Lopez

The singer’s $40 million Bel Air mansion is a dream out of our royal fantasies. Featuring seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, gorgeous woodwork, glass ceilings, and three sided infinity pool, the home is luxurious, elegant, and straight out drool worthy!

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor is known for his interest in luxury real estate and has amassed a number of properties in his career. Our favorite is the five bedroom property in Los Feliz, California. It’s a traditional design built in 1926 but don’t let that fool you. The house comes with a state of the art kitchen, swimming pool, and a personal spa.

4. Tiger Woods

The impressive $40 million property in Jupiter Island is home to golfing legend Tiger Woods. It’s spread across 9,000 square feet with its very own golf course, tennis court, oxygen therapy room, and its own elevator!

3. Beyonce and Jay Z

The couple’s $88 million mansion is spread across 30,000 square feet. It comes with its own wellness facility, a media room and four outdoor pools. The two also take their security very seriously – their windows and pocketing glass walls are all bulletproof. Now those some next level specs!

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is arguably one of the most influential public figures of all time. Her home, humbly named “The Promised Land” is, according to her, a sanctuary. It’s located on the outskirts of Santa Barbara and is worth a hefty $88 million. Did you know the house has an impressive ten fireplaces?!

1.     Bill Gates

Worth almost $128 million dollars, the tech giant’s property – named Xanadu 2.0, is almost like a private island getaway. It has seven bedroom and almost nineteen bathrooms! It’s got plenty of tech as part of the design from sensors that let you control the lighting and temperature to hidden speakers that play music while you walk around. But despite being loaded with cool gadgets, the property is “earth sheltered” which means it’s used its natural surroundings as par t of the design.