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The spookiest bars in the world

Halloween isn’t just a yearly event, some people just love the idea of haunted houses, ghouls and ghosts. We can’t possibly be alone in this world, right? If you too are fascinated by the world of the dead, then you may want to incorporate that into your itinerary on your next trip. Finding spooky places to visit that will please all of your travel buddies doesn’t need to be hard. We’ve done our homework for you. Discover our list of the spookiest bars in the world. Will you dare to have a drink in one of these places?

In this list of the world’s spookiest bars, you will find something for everyone – events at Halloween where you can dress up and enjoy a DJ’s set, or bars that are truly haunted. Are you brave enough to enter these bars?!

The Witchery, Edinburgh

The Witchery Edinburgh Scotland

Via The Witchery Instagram

The Witchery is one of Scotland’s most famous bar-restaurants. Its atmospheric setting will take your breath away. You’ll definitely want to have a meal at candlelight in the Secret Garden. Located in the old town, the old architecture is truly spellbinding.

Why should you head here on your getaway? Firstly, all year, The Witchery has an impressive pumpkin display to really give the place an eerie feel. Secondly, the venue is a spooky place to visit because of its past. Suspected witches were tortured and burnt just a few miles from here, upon the hill, between the 15th and 18th centuries.

The bar-restaurant is opposite the Witches’ Well Fountain, a memorial to the people who lost their lives during the Great Scottish Witch Hunt. Why did this hunt take place? King James VI believed that witchcraft was a form of Satanism, and over 4000 alleged witches were killed during this time.

You can even spend the night here if you dare. The original suites are lavishly decorated and have a charm to them. The glamorous setting is perfect for a couple’s getaway, with the antique furniture and velvet bed covers. The gothic style is striking and quaint. Enjoy your stay!

Garlic & Shots, London

Garlic & Shots Swedish vodka bar Soho Halloween

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Fend off the vampires at the Garlic & Shots bar in Soho, London. The dark basement bar and restaurant provides plenty of garlic-themed recipes that will leave you scaring off anyone, not just the vampires! Head downstairs for some loud metal music to start the night off in style!

Rumor has it they do the best ribs in town. We’ll let you guys be the judge of this! Even the classic burger and chips, of course, come with extra garlic. They have over 101 flavors of vodka, and if you’re feeling adventurous, there is even a garlic flavor… Yes, you read that right! Or if beer is more your thing, then garlic-infused beer is to be tried! Don’t worry though, there are more “normal” flavors if the garlic is too overpowering for you!

Its faintly gothic decor really adds to the atmosphere, and it is truly an institution in London. If you want to drink outside, then enjoy the terrace sandwiched between two towering London buildings. This Swedish bar is often overlooked, but it is a must-see in Soho!

Potions & Co

Potions & Co Paris Escape Game Bar Cocktails Mixology Halloween

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Potions & Co is an escape game bar with a haunted theme. Love puzzles and drinks? This is the place for you! This bar is inspired by the Prizoners in the UK, and they brought the concept to France a couple of years ago. Situated just a few minutes from the Louvre, you can enjoy an escape game and the selection of cocktails which will have you in awe. For 35€, you can enjoy a game and 3 cocktails. During the escape game, you can concoct “delicious potions”, so you can even enjoy a mixology masterclass! This is just the dream combo, are we right?

This isn’t just for Halloween either, this place is open all year round. The decor is spooky, just how we like it! Immerse yourself into the eerie atmosphere in the basement – throw on your cape and feel bewitched by the activities! Known as France’s first escape game bar, you will never have seen anything like it!

Beetle House, New York City

Beetle House New York City Tim Burton spookiest bar

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The Beetle House is a spooky bar in the East Village, New York City. The bar is known for its year-round celebration of Halloween, and is inspired by the greats. Think of the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton and Alfred Hitchcock. It was launched as a pop-up in 2016, and due to popular demand, it became a permanent part of New York nightlife three years later. Then they opened a location in Los Angeles.

The New York City location is an intimate experience, which can welcome up to 45 people. The black and white striped Tim Burton-esque decor will add to the Halloween vibes, and you’ll love the Jack Skellington portraits hanging on the walls.

A 90s goth band plays regularly on stage with some interesting costumes. Whatever your genre, everyone is welcome at the Beetle House. This has to make your itinerary on your travels around New York City. The cocktails are Halloween-inspired, have a sip on the Coco Skellington rum concoction, or a “Mystery blood bag” which is “filled with the blood of our victims, perfect for the vampires and creatures of the night”. Intriguing…

Bar Roma, Chicago

Bar Roma Chicago Italian bar restaurant Halloween events

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On the surface, Bar Roma seems to be an Italian bar-restaurant with delicious and authentic food and drinks. Sure that is the case, but come Halloween time, the festivities start! They hold a costume contest and a themed happy hour to ensure you have plenty of fun on your trip. The winners of the costume contest win a gift card while the second runner up gets a bottle of Italian wine, so you’ll need to get working on your costumes!

Chef Fred Ramos serves Halloween-themed specials from 5pm to 11pm on the day too in the tavern and on the patio. In 2021, he served up caramelized onion soup and roasted squash salad. It’s enough to get those taste buds tingling!

This venue brings fun and energy – you’ll love its authentic Italian menu. They are known for their incredible meatballs and their craft cocktails and wide selection of Italian wines. Inspired by the cuisine of Rome, Bar Roma also offers bottomless brunches on a Sunday!

The Mermaid Inn, Rye

The Mermaid Inn haunted pub Rye UK ghosts spookiest bar

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The Mermaid Inn is a pub and hotel in the seaside town of Rye, in South East England. It is known for its rich history and ghostly presence. Get ghost hunting and head to this venue. It has cellars dating from 1156. And it has eerie and creaky floorboards, just like something out of a horror movie!

The pub has a reputation for being haunted, there are 600 years’ worth of ghosts to discover. The Mermaid Inn’s connections to the Hawkhurst gang, a group of smugglers, has something to do with the ghostly presence.

It has been reported that people have seen ghosts in period costume fighting. Some have seen a ghost throwing someone down a staircase. Others have seen a ghost sitting in a rocking chair. Apparently, a barman resigned on the spot when bottles fell off a shelf while he was attending to a fire in another room. Even the chambermaids visit the rooms in pairs as they are scared to go alone. If you’re feeling brave, then this is a must-see!

Casey Moore’s Oyster House, Tempe

Casey Moore Oyster House Tempe haunted bar spookiest ghosts

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Casey Moore’s Oyster House is a prime location in Tempe, but not just for its food and drinks. Though it is known for its delicious fast food, it is also known for its rocky history. The building was constructed over 100 years ago as a home to the influential Moeur family, who were involved in the educational system. After they passed away, the home became a squat to local youths, where they would drink, do drugs and throw parties.

Apparently horrific crimes took place here during this time, but in 1973 the building was bought and converted into a restaurant called the Ninth And Ash. In the late 80s, it was rebranded as an Irish pub and was sold on.

Locals say that the bar-restaurant is haunted, and there have been reports of ghosts of a couple dancing in front of one of the windows, apparently representing members of the Moeur family. Residents say that this is because William and Mary Moeur would be thrilled to see their home transformed into a lively restaurant. The staff have also witnessed the spookiness, with cutlery being thrown on the floor and chairs being rearranged overnight. Furthermore, photo frames have gone flying with the nail in the wall still being intact, which sounds like ghosts to us! What do you think?