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The Best Places To Go Backpacking

Up for the ultimate adventure? Backpacking is the best way to explore the world and embrace mother nature. Sure, beach resorts and luxurious hotels are all well and good, but they don’t necessarily provide the authentic and natural experience you are seeking. With 2021 slowly but surely drawing to a close, you need to start planning next year’s trips. The world is your oyster! But choosing destinations seems like an impossible task – how could you possibly choose your next destination? Let us show you the best places to go backpacking!

These places are perfect for expert hikers as well as beginner backpackers. There are trails, unique views and new cultures to be discovered. Read on to find out more about the places that we recommend for your next backpacking trip.


Cambodia Backpacking Destination Temples

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Cambodia is an incredible place to start your backpacking adventure. 3 or 4 weeks of backpacking should give you enough time to discover the whole country and everything it has to offer. The tropical climate will give you hot weather all year round. Some months are dry and hot, which is Cambodian summertime, and wet and hot, which follows summer. Admire its ancient temples, such as the temples of Angkor. Set in lush green forests, it is the perfect place to take a step back and admire the scenery. Angkor Wat are UNESCO-listed temples that are adored by tourists, yet aren’t crowded or overbearing. If you make it early enough, you can even admire the incredible sunrise from the ancient ruins. 

Visit the stunning attractions in Cambodia through day tours, which offer trips such as cycling tours around Angkor Wat and exploration of nearby towns such as Phnom Penh, which is well-known in South East Asia for its art scene. After you day exploring Phnom Penh’s markets and delicious street food, get a boat tour along Mekong River, kick back, and relax!


Vietnam street backpacking life food markets

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Expect to be astounded by your trip to Vietnam! To get a real taste for the country, we recommend booking at least a 2 week trip. Discover the authentic floating markets and small local towns to the south of Ho Chi Minh. Do you love to keep active? Get your adrenaline fix at Dalat, where mountain biking and hiking will be exhilarating and are fun ways to see the sights. You’ll be in awe of its famous lakes and picturesque views. If you wish to see more ancient architecture in Vietnam, then the Imperial Citadel in Hue is a beautiful structure which helps tell the story of the former royal family. You can visit the royal tombs and walk along the riverside.

If you’re missing city life along your backpacking adventure, then you can’t go wrong with Hoi An. You will fall for its quaint cafés and streetside markets. The old town will take your breath away and is a foodie’s haven! After dinner at one of the traditional restaurants, take a river cruise and see the city lit up at night.


Thailand Bangkok Capital Backpacking Destination

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Thailand is a hotspot for tourists and backpackers alike. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or looking to explore the mountain tops, it will be on your list of dream destinations. Its scenery is diverse – you’ll find jungles, mountains, temples and city life all in one country. Bangkok may be a popular destination, but you can still backpack around the well-loved city. There are temples and palaces galore – the architecture is one-of-a-kind! Travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya on a day trip to experience Thailand’s jungle temples.

Kanchanaburi is a stunning place to explore. It is home to the death railway from World War II, and you will soon uncover its history. During this era, the tracks connected Thailand to Burma. Kanchanaburi’s waterfalls have an exquisite view, and the River Kwai is worth discovering. Stop off at the park and enjoy a picnic before continuing your travels.


Ireland Coast Backpacking Landscapes

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If you’re looking to backpack in Europe, Ireland will definitely be one of your stops. One of the most jaw-dropping sights in Ireland is Galway. You may have heard various songs about the city, but it has more to offer than just an Ed Sheeran song. It is known for its rich history and cultural scene. Discover the local produce on the Saturday markets or venture just out of the city to explore Menlo Castle. There is so much scenery to discover, the Irish coastline is just waiting to be admired. Causeway Coast and the Cliffs of Moher are not necessarily easy to access, so renting a car to discover these areas in the Irish countryside is an easy solution. The Cliffs of Moher were the home to a defensive fort, and though the fort was destroyed during the Napoleonic era, the ruins remain.

Wicklow is a Viking town that locals adore for its rugged mountains and sandy shores. For the daring adventurers, you can get a half day fatbike tour across Wicklow Ballinastoe. Want to visit one of Ireland’s oldest cities? Limerick will be on your itinerary. It is the home to King John’s Castle, overlooking the Shannon River. It is also a popular place for mountain biking!


Croatia Adriatic Sea Landscape

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One of Europe’s most popular backpacking destinations is Croatia. It is loved for its old architecture, sea views and its diversity. Its landscapes are outstanding, and Dubrovnik is one of the reasons why you must visit the country. Dubrovnik has a magical old town, and is the setting for several movies. The nearby beaches face the Adriatic sea, and boast beautifully blue waters. If you’re looking for an adventure, then climbing Srd Hill will be your first activity. At sunset, the view is magnificent. If you’re looking for a coastal city, then Split will be a firm favorite. Visit the ancient architecture such as Diocletian’s Palace, which was built for the Roman Emperor. Then, take a walk around the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and admire the views of the old city.

If you are seeking more hiking opportunities, then climb Humb Mountain in Vis. Blue Cave is the main attraction of the island, when the light hits the rock, it creates an amazing blue-hued light. You’ll definitely be getting plenty of snaps here!


Malta Europe Scenery Game of Thrones

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Not many people backpack in Malta, and if you haven’t already, you are missing out! The country is accessible and cheap, but its landscapes are truly incredible. You need to make Malta part of your European backpacking experience. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, the Azure Window on Gozo is a postcard-perfect place to visit. Walk around the cliffs and watch the aqua-blue waters flow below. Stop off at Malta’s quaint capital of La Valletta, which is known as the European capital of culture. The Upper Barakka Gardens and Lower Barakka Gardens can be explored during the daytime with its ancient surroundings. Then, enjoy the Maltese nightlife and its sophisticated wine bars in the evening.

The Megalithic Temples in Malta are older than the Egyptian Pyramids. Located on the southeastern Maltese coastline, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. They were constructed during the 4th millennium BC and the 3rd millennium BC. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka South Asia Buddhist

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Sri Lanka may be small but it certainly does not lack attractions to visit! The weather is gorgeous all year round, although you may face a downpour from time to time. 2 weeks is enough to discover this South Asian bubble. When you fly in, you will arrive in Colombo. Make the most of your first day by exploring the city and its surroundings. Learn about the country’s history at the National Museum. If you want to start seeing the country’s old architecture, then visit the Kelaniya Buddhist temple. It was constructed in the 5th century BC with ancient sculptures and paintings that depict civilization at that time.

For the tea fanatics, the Central Highlands will be the place to visit. It is where you can find local tea plantations, and explore the bright green landscape. In the Central Highlands, you can visit Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. In Kandy, you can even go on a bird safari to discover the unique wildlife. It is also the setting for one of the country’s most renowned Buddhist temples, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. Why this name? You can find an ancient Buddhist relic, that of the tooth of Buddha.


Indonesia Bali Travel Dream Destination

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Indonesia will offer so much choice in terms of backpacking opportunities. There are thousands of islands for you to discover. All you have to do is choose – decisions, decisions… First of all, there’s Bali, the island’s popularity has soared over recent years. It is very westernized, but the scenery is divine! There are beautiful views, mountains to hike and waterfalls to impress! If you wish to experience an island that is less well-known by tourists, then head to Bandung. It is loved by locals, but not so known by tourists, providing a truly authentic and unique experience on your backpacking trip. Here you can visit volcanoes, such as the active Tangkuban Perahu volcano and visit tea fields. At tea fields, you can take trails for free and admire the views.

Java is also another main island in Indonesia, and its capital is Jakarta. However, backpackers find Jakarta too busy, and prefer exploring Yogyakarta. Here, we recommend you visit Borobudur, especially at sunrise, to avoid crowds of tourists and enjoy the landscape.