Thailand Bucket list Destinations

Our bucket list destinations for 2022

The world is opening up again and it’s about time you got to explore it again! The past year and a half has been torture for us globetrotters, but one thing’s for sure, it’s made us realize that life is too short. It’s time to live life to the fullest – travel to your heart’s content, and of course tick off that bucket list. Time to find some bucket list destinations to explore!

Lacking a bit of inspiration for your bucket list? Count on us to help you find some paradisiac places to tick off throughout your lifetime. In this list, there is something for everyone – turquoise waters and sandy shores, to Mediterranean landscapes. Whether these are near or far to you, we know for a fact they’ll be quickly added to your already extensive list. Here are your next bucket list destinations…

Thailand – our Bucket List favorite

Thailand Bucketlist Destinations

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The bucket list destination on everyone’s lips seems to be Thailand. Every year, more and more tourists from all over the world come to discover its show-stopping landscapes and delicious local food. Why Thailand? Well, it has over 1,500 miles of coastline, meaning that you are always close to the beach for the sun-worshippers, and of course, the temperatures – it never really gets cold in Thailand. Then of course, there’s its wildlife – think tigers, elephants… It combines everything you could possibly love!

The country is mainly Buddhist and you can explore the country’s striking architecture through its Buddhist temples. If you’re in Bangkok, be sure to check out the Grand Palace! Feeling adventurous? Thailand is perfect for backpacking, the perfect budget-friendly vacation alternative. Hostels are affordable and you can travel through the mountains.


Egypt Pyramids Bucketlist Travel

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Egypt is a place to visit at least once in your life! It’s a culturally and historically rich country with architecture that you will definitely never forget. It’s needless to say that Egypt is an amazing place to visit thanks to its pyramids. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and remains are still to be discovered. The Great Pyramids of Giza is the only surviving pyramid, with its ancient statues and tombs. And of course, the River Nile, that we heard incessantly about during history lessons, is the longest river in the world. Check it out for yourselves!

After a long day out sightseeing, have a much-needed rest at the beaches. Egyptian beaches are really breathtaking, its blue waters are dreamy, and the water is perfect for practicing water sports like surfing and windsurfing. It’s actually a training location for many sportsmen!

Greece, the trendy bucket list hotspot

Greece Best Bucketlist Destinations

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Greece has become a real hotspot for tourists over recent years, but don’t let that stop you from visiting this beautiful country. We’ve all seen photos of Greece’s iconic blue and white architecture, rambling mountains and unforgettable sunsets. Need we say more? We can already see you adding it to your bucket list!

Want to unwind? The country has geothermal wonders to get you relaxed and ready for the next day of adventures. Take a dip in their natural hot springs, and benefit from pain relief, better blood circulation and less stress.

You can also discover Greece’s most famous historical monuments from Ancient Greece – the Acropolis of Athens, the Minoan Palace of Knossos, or Ancient Olympia. In fact, there are hundreds of these landmarks in the country, so you may need to cover them over several trips! Last but not least, Greece has amazing beaches – Santorini, which is incredibly popular among tourists, is renowned for its white beaches and aqua blue sea.

French Polynesia, beauty by the sea

French Polynesia Bora Bora island bucketlist travel

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The French Polynesian Islands are a dreamy location to add to your bucket list. Imagine the sun and sea you would see captured in a postcard, but even more perfect! The beauty of the French Polynesian Islands is that each island has its own personality, its own style. When discovering them, you will never see the same thing twice! French Polynesia is so big, you’ll never be able to see it all, but locations we would recommend for water babies are Tahiti and Bora Bora. They are ideal if you love water sports!

If you want to embrace French Polynesia’s natural beauty, then take the plunge and discover the lesser-known islands like Rangiroa or Taha’a. Both are paradise on Earth! Enjoy Rangiroa’s blue lagoon, and the Reef Island, where you can enjoy a boat trip around the area.

India, a bucket list item for the spiritual

India Taj Mahal Tourist Bucketlist Travel

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India is a bucket list destination because of its versatility. The country has a lot of different aspects you’d want from your bucket list, but in one country. Think safaris, decadent palaces and spiritual places. It is most popular for its historical monuments, which are dotted all over the country and each represent Indian royalty throughout their architecture. A lot of former royal palaces have been transformed into luxurious hotels so you can truly live like a king during your stay.

Another reason why people love to travel to India is because of its nature. It has waterfalls, lakes and rivers, as well as mountains and breathtaking views. India is also known for its hill stations, where tourists like to take in the scenery.

France, a timeless bucket list destination

Paris Louvre France Bucketlist Destinations

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France is a big country with plenty to offer. Though we love Paris, the country is so much more than that. Once you’ve seen the capital, why not travel north to Normandy? There you can discover the World War 2 beaches, or Deauville, where the Deauville Film Festival takes place every year? Or perhaps head further south, towards the German border, to Strasbourg, which reunites old and new with its old architecture and modern, cosmopolitan vibe.

The scenery changes throughout the country – in the north, you will see beaches along the coastline and cliffs, with milder temperatures. The further south you get, the more the architecture is Mediterranean, especially when you get closer to the Spanish border. Love winter sports? There are several skiing stations in the south of France to practice your technique – Chamonix and Val d’Isère are luxurious skiing stations that will allow you to relax after a tough day on the slopes.


Brazil South America Bucketlist

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Brazil’s tourism is growing in recent years and it is rapidly becoming a serious contender as a bucket list destination – so make the most of it before it gets big! The tropical beaches will make you swoon, and its culture and history will really surprise you. Brazil has over 1500 paradisiac beaches with crystal clear waters. You have plenty of choice on where to lounge on a hot summer day! Plus, you’ll love their traditions – we all know about the Rio Carnival, the carnival to end all carnivals. But, they also have distinctive music and dancing styles that you won’t see anywhere else!

It’s not just beaches and festivities though – Brazil is renowned for its nature. 60% of the Amazonian Rainforest belongs to Brazil, and the rainforest represents half of the world’s remaining rainforests. The country also has 72 national parks featuring mountains, lakes, canyons and valleys for you to explore. This also encourages more wildlife – they have the most bird and reptile species in the world, so get backpacking!


Italy Europe International Bucketlist Destinations

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Italy is known and loved by tourists for its Mediterranean architecture, amazing cuisine and for its contribution to fashion and the arts. It has the perfect mix of cosmopolitan cities with strikingly modern architecture and its beautiful, old buildings, overlooking the beautiful blue sea. Then you have the ancient historical monuments to visit – the Colosseum is a must-see! It was built in 315 A.D, and is the leading historical monument in the country.

When you think of Italy, you generally tend to think of Rome, but Italy has so many other places to explore. The colorful city is unique, and its gondolas allow you to visit the city while enjoying its traditions. If you want to explore the Italian countryside, then the Val d’Orcia region in Tuscany will be the highlight of your trip. The rolling hills and little back roads are just waiting to be discovered!


Australia Sydney Bucketlist Travel Destinations

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Australia is the number one backpacking destination, and it’s not hard to see why. Its diverse landscapes and it has a natural beauty like no other. The cities there are chic and understated while the outback is captivating, thanks to its scenery and wildlife. Luscious turquoise waters are perfect for exploring the ocean and the underwater world. Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef has to be one of your stops during your vacation, you can even enjoy diving or skydiving to really take in the views.

The Australian lifestyle is laid-back yet adventurous, which gives it a certain charm. Australians have a passion for outdoor activities, which will make your trip all the more exciting. The beaches there are some of the best beaches in the world, they take great pride in looking after them, and you’ll never have seen beaches so pristine. Australia’s cities have a fun and busy vibe to them, they’re chilled yet sophisticated, with some impressive architecture.