The Guide To New York City Nightlife

New York City is the city of bright lights and glamour, with an exciting energy that will never make you want to leave. The hustle and bustle of one of this place will make you want to discover it all day long, and at night time. If you love to experience nightlife and seeing the sights in a new light, then hitting the New York night scene is the way to do it!

Best Places For Shopping In Stockholm

When you think of fashion capitals, you think of Paris, Milan or London, but Nordic cities have often been overlooked in the past. Scandinavian style has been becoming more and more a thing, they are admired for their minimalist wardrobes and chic accessories. Today, there is even a Stockholm Fashion Week. The Swedish capital is gaining more and more notoriety as a fashion destination, so it’s no surprise that there is an amazing selection of shops to discover.

Best Music Venues In The World

One of the things that we all want to tick off our bucket lists is to see our favorite artists live. It’s a dream come true to see them play live and be so immersed in the artist’s universe! It is also the perfect way to kick start your vacation. It allows you to get acquainted with fellow tourists and locals who all share the same passion for music as you! We love small gigs just as much as you do, but sometimes, you want to see musicians play in a venue that is just as amazing as they are – a venue that will really take your breath away. Finding the best music venues in your travel location doesn’t need to be tricky, read on to find out more about our favorites!

World’s Best Locations to Film a Movie

We love choosing our vacation destinations according to the scenery. Nothing quite beats watching the sun set over your favorite spot, and enjoying the little things in life. But if some of the scenery looks familiar, then you may have seen it in your favorite movie! When you have the opportunity to visit a place where your favorite movie took place, you should jump at the chance! The iconic spots make you realize why filmmakers take so long to find these beautiful locations. Even the best sci-fi films have had outdoor scenes in foreign countries – even Star Wars!

Inspiring Christmas Markets this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! Mariah Carey is stuck in your head, the Christmas decorations are out, and Halloween seems like ages ago. We love that Christmas magic that gets us in the festive mood year in, year out. And travelling during the most wonderful time of the year is a lot of fun – each country has its own festivities to celebrate the season. Christmas markets are the best way to embrace your city destination’s culture as well as find some unique gifts for your loved ones. Your Christmas shop will be done in no time at all!

The cities known for the best street art

Never underestimate the power of art. You can learn so much from a city’s culture, and street art is a part of it. For street artists, a city is a blank canvas, and they can express themselves through that. Long gone are the days where street art was deemed as vandalism – they are not to be confused. It’s now seen as a way to add even more vibrance to some already interesting and culturally rich cities. Some of the world’s most talented artists flock to these cities to show off their skills. What are these cities we hear you ask? Read more about the best places for street art!

Best Artistic Cities

Sure, we love lounging on the beach, winding down and lapping up the sun rays while we’re on vacation. But don’t you want to learn something while you’re away? Each location you will visit has its own history and culture, and you will be in awe of their different museums and galleries. Anything artistic will interest the whole family, each artist has their own unique view of the world and you will never have the impression of seeing the same thing twice. Before booking that flight, learn about the best artistic cities in the world.

Most Amazing Infinity Pools

We love kicking back and relaxing in the pool after a long day of travelling and exploring. And what could possibly beat an infinity pool? Overlooking some seriously glorious views, these pools make quite the photo opportunity! Enjoy sipping on a cocktail while admiring the scenery. Watch the sun set and fall in love with your relaxing getaway. Because sometimes, you just need to escape!

Best Luxury Hotels

If you have a taste for the finer things in life while traveling, then we know for a fact that upon your travels, you will want to check out these luxurious hotels. From their decadent setting, the five-star food to their striking views, check out why these luxury hotels have been visited by the rich and famous!