Melbourne Australia Street Art Graffiti AC/DC

The cities known for the best street art

Never underestimate the power of art. You can learn so much from a city’s culture, and street art is a part of it. For street artists, a city is a blank canvas, and they can express themselves through that. Long gone are the days where street art was deemed as vandalism – they are not to be confused. It’s now seen as a way to add even more vibrance to some already interesting and culturally rich cities. Some of the world’s most talented artists flock to these cities to show off their skills. What are these cities we hear you ask? Read more about the best places for street art!

If studying the local art galleries and museums usually makes your itinerary, why not change things up a bit? Discover the local and more modern artwork through your favorite city’s street art. Find out more about the cities that are most renowned for their street art culture…

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Germany Urban Street Art Graffiti

Berlin is a modern and striking city where street art reigns. If you are a true street art enthusiast, then this beautiful city has to be part of your next getaway! It is known for its famous murals as well as its graffiti, so there is something for everyone. If you’re into your architecture, then Raw Gelände will be your dream destination. Revisited industrial architecture has been covered by street artists far and wide for a modern edge. Each wall tells its own story, and it all contributes to the hip and trendy side of the Friedrichshain neighborhood. Discover the bars and independent stores all while taking in the amazing artwork. You can also make the most of the indoor skate park while you’re here!

If you want to discover more of Berlin’s graffiti, then feast your eyes on the East Side Gallery. It is part of Berlin’s history during the 20th century. This is one of the world’s longest art galleries, being 1.3km long. The gallery is equally iconic for being painted one what was formerly the Berlin Wall. The iconic “The Kiss” mural, formally known as My God, Help Me To Survive This Deadly Love is known as a symbol of the LGBTQ community. You can also find street art from Pink Floyd’s The Wall here.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Australia Street Art Graffiti AC/DC

Melbourne is loved by locals for its incredible art scene and particularly for its modern street art culture. AC/DC Lane was of course named after the iconic Australian rock band back in 2004, and you can see plenty of artwork inspired by their music in this part of Melbourne. Though this lane doesn’t just feature AC/DC, but features tributes to legends such as Prince, and was also known as an amazing music venue. Nearby, you’ll walk through Duckboard Place, another renowned street art stop. It is the perfect balance of edgy and chic – enjoy the stunning murals all while eating at some of the city’s best restaurants.

If you love Keith Haring’s work, then you’ll have to check out the mural he created for Melbourne back in 1984. Melbourne is the home to colorful streets that will capture your heart and soul. Hosier Lane is also worth exploring as it’s the city’s most popular graffiti street. Though the city spends a lot of time and money clearing the graffiti and street art, it is a strong part of the city’s identity and is rapidly becoming more and more the reason why people visit here.

Los Angeles, US

Los Angeles US Arts District Modern

Los Angeles is a creative city full of street art, and each neighborhood has its own style. The beautiful year-round weather makes your street art trips more pleasant and makes things easier on the talented street artists to work hard on their masterpieces. The Arts District in downtown L.A should make your itinerary. The cool neighborhood has plenty to offer thanks to its incredible artwork, and artists have been flocking here to hold exhibitions since the 1970s. Its most famous murals are “Bloom”, which was to commemorate Joel Bloom, the unofficial mayor of this district and his dedication. HUEMAN was the artist to create this beautiful mural and you should not miss it!

You can also discover the Elephant Mural on 298 Rose Street. Designed by Damon Martin, the mural was created with backing from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. His artwork is known for its Art Deco and jazz-era influences. This particular work of art is in black and white and features elephants, to bring awareness to the ivory trade. The Skid Row Mural was voted as the best new piece of street art in LA a few years ago, so you need to add it to the list! It was created and funded by the residents of Skid Row to bring awareness to the high population, which is noted as “too many” in the artwork.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal Street Art AKACorleone Obama Hope

See Lisbon as an open-air gallery, it is one of the European cities that is famous for its street art. Discover the Graça district and its Rua Damasceno Monteiro. The bold wall was created by AKACorleone, inspired by the works of Fernando Pessoa to mask the vandalism. You can see it for miles and the color really adds to Lisbon’s charm. Nearby, there is the Rua Natalia Correia, where Shepard Fairey has painted his Revolutionary Woman. The black and white mural has touches of red to make it all the more striking. Does the artist’s name sound familiar? He shot to fame when his Obama Hope image made it into Obama’s presidential campaign.

One of Lisbon’s biggest street art projects was the Crono Project. Its goal? To make derelict buildings across the city into creative works of art. As you exit the Picoas metro station, you will see this powerful artwork. BLU & Os Gemeos have painted a ninja aiming a slingshot at a man with a crown, featuring the logo of one of the world’s biggest oil companies. The “oil giant” is seen drinking oil through a straw.

Paris, France

Paris France Tintin Urban Art Graffiti Canvas

Sure, Paris is known for its historical architecture and classic art and history museums, but there is a modern side to Parisian life too. So much street art can be found here – see the Tintin and Captain Haddock kiss on a mural just next to the Tigermilk Restaurant in Rue des Petits Carreaux, in central Paris (2nd arrondissement). CK Combo was the artist who created this back in 2018. The artist believed that Tintin could be gay and that Captain Haddock was the love of his life, which shocked many Tintin fans. It was also to enhance the LGBTQ tourism in the area.

In the 13th arrondissement, there is an amazing and colorful artwork dedicated to the district winning a Marianne d’Or, which is a prize rewarding those who make their area attractive and culturally rich. Shepard Fairey created the “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” artwork with the face of Marianne (symbol of France). This was also to pay tribute to the lives lost during the 2015 terrorist attacks in the French capital. Find this incredible mural at 186, Rue Nationale.

Châtelet and nearby Le Marais and Pompidou are great neighborhoods to explore for their street art. Go to the Fontaine Stravinsky to see the iconic “Chuuuttt !!!” by Jef Aérosol. Shepard Fairey has also designed another piece of art in Le Marais, where he writes “Le futur n’est pas écrit” (the future is not written) and “le savoir et l’action font le pouvoir” (knowledge and action are power).

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Google Street Project Argentina Mosaics Urban Art La Boca

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and also is its largest city. Street artists far and wide are attracted to Buenos Aires because of its numerous abandoned buildings, which provide a canvas for their masterpieces. There are also no restrictions here on where they can get creative. The Google Street Art Project was launched in Buenos Aires and Paris. Discover the best cities for street art to start planning your trip!. It features over 270 images from the Argentinian capital. The Palermo neighborhood is famous for its urban art, most of the walls are covered by colorful artwork. Even entrances to shops and restaurants have been given a makeover by street artists such as the Centro Cultural mural. La Boca is also admired for its art, and here, the artwork is more realist, like you’d find in museums.

Calle Lanin in the Barracas neighborhood is covered in mosaics, and Marino Santa Maria wanted to display the mosaics, and the city helped him display his work. You can also find the world’s longest mural in La Boca. Alfredo Segatori painted the 2000 square meter mural, which spans across several buildings. It is a tribute to La Boca and its people, with the locals’ faces and their everyday lives painted along the façade, which winds round the corner and onto the next buildings. Last but not least, La Caminito is an open air museum dedicated to showcasing the city’s best street art. You’ll see splashes of color stretch for miles with various artworks from different styles across its architecture.