James Dyde

James Dyde is a British transplant to Central America, where he's been since 2000. When he's not contributing to The Freight Hopper, he's also the editor of travel and lifestyle site centralamerica.com and lives in San Jose, Costa Rica.

How to Become a Digital Nomad

We’ve been hearing the term ‘digital nomad’ more and more these days. With an ever connected world and a growing digital economy it’s not surprising that many have opted in to this new lifestyle. Find out what it takes to be a digital nomad and whether or not this hip, modern lifestyle is for you.

Guide to International Tipping Customs

Do you ever find yourself in a restaurant in some far-flung country on the other side of the world and suddenly realize you’re clueless about the tipping customs there? Well not anymore fellow traveler, as we’ve put together the definitive guide to tipping around the world!