Abhinanda Datta

Abhinanda is an arts and culture writer. Originally from India, she has worked in three countries and currently lives in Chicago. She is a self-proclaimed misanthrope and prefers the company of her many dogs.

The Top 20 Dark Tourism Destinations from Around the World

Do you earnestly wait for Halloween every year? Have you read every supernatural book ever written? Do you indulge in serial killer documentaries? Then you are a dark tourist. You are attracted to the macabre and violent history of a place. Bid adieu to a mundane seaside vacation and explore these deliciously weird places instead.

Best Looking Cities in the World

Having a hard time narrowing down your next big trip? We’ve gone ahead and taken some of the guesswork out of the picture for you by compiling the list of some of the best looking cities in the world that will surely leave you with a life’s worth of lasting memories.