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5 Reasons To Visit Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful and bustling city which is part of the pulse of Spain. Though it is often overshadowed by Barcelona, Madrid deserves to share the spotlight. The city is filled with amazing things to keep you busy, including its rich history and café culture. Its distinctive architecture and numerous museums will capture your heart. Escape to the warmer climate and celebrate Madrid’s beauty with a little trip to Spain’s most vibrant city.

Expect exciting nightlife, friendly people, less crowds and a real feast for your eyes and your tastebuds. Why should you visit Madrid? Whether you’re on a day trip or want to make a week of it, here are the best reasons to visit this stunning city.


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Tapas & Brunch

Of course, Spain is renowned for its tapas, and this notoriety is partly thanks to Madrid. It is one of the gastronomical cities in the world. Be sure to stop off for a drink and a platter of tapas for you and your travel companion. Tapas are the best for trying new things as the portions are small. If you’re feeling experimental, then this is the best place to start! Madrid is an affordable city, so you can eat out and enjoy the Spanish experience as much as you like. You don’t need to break the bank!

Madrid is also one of the best places for a spot of brunch in one of its trendiest spots. The Spanish capital is a foodie’s haven, you can enjoy a ham-cutting course, or even go on a food tour. Fall in love with the city’s food and culture with the tapas tours. Alternatively, go on the ultimate Spanish cuisine tour. You can taste all of Madrid’s best dishes in one morning.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you won’t be able to resist the bakeries in Puerta del Sol. Or why not try the local Churros with some lovely thick chocolate sauce at Chocolatería San Ginés?

Choosing Your Restaurant

Planning on dining out? Then make sure to book a table at a restaurant with an open kitchen. In Spain, this is deemed as a form of entertainment. This detail will allow you to distinguish the high quality restaurants from the rest. They also add a fashionable edge to your experience. Most tapas restaurants have an open kitchen, and it is a sign of quality and transparency.

If you’re unsure about where to dine, then just note that a long exhaustive menu is a sign of lower quality in the city. It shows the restaurant lacks focus. The more condensed the menu is, the higher quality the food will be, as it will showcase the restaurant’s specialities.

One of the things that Madrid is known for is its seafood, and a lot of the restaurants here allow you to taste it. Here, you can find some of the freshest seafood in the world, so whether you’re into oysters or cod, Madrid is the place to be.


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Gran Vía is known as one of the most popular shopping spots in Madrid. You have a range of bars to choose from while dipping in and out of some of the city’s most stylish shops. You’ll enjoy shopping at some of the capital’s biggest brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius. What could make this even better? Being surrounded by beautiful and striking architecture.

If you dream of luxury brands, then Salamanca will be your ideal spot. The picturesque neighborhood is the home to Calle Serrano, where you can find classical buildings galore. It also is the destination for all things designer such as MiuMiu, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. You can even shop jewelry and watches to add a little extra sparkle to your outfits! It’s no wonder it is one of Madrid’s most chic neighborhoods. You’ll be in awe when you get to visit Madrid!

El Rastro is the city’s flea market, adding a traditional touch to your shopping experience. The 400-year-old market takes place every Sunday, and certainly has plenty to offer! From clothing, to accessories, you’ll love the stalls and the local creators! Plus, you’ll make some real bargains, so no breaking the budget here!


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In Madrid they certainly know how to party! The city is renowned for its fiestas, and you have plenty of choice between the trendy bars and nightclubs scattered across the city. Whether you’re looking to party and meet locals, or just chill in a bar and admire the night time scenery, the city has everything you could possibly want! This will be one of the highlights when you visit Madrid!

Madrid is known for being a lively city, and one of its busiest areas at night time is Huertas. Here you can find the city’s best bars and clubs, the perfect stop to end your visit to Puerta del Sol. If you want a night to remember, we recommend the spellbinding rooftop views of the ME Madrid Reina Victoria Hotel.

Malasaña is known as a trendy, bohemian part of the city. You’ll love its quaint restaurants and bars, where you can see indie bands play. If electro music is more your thing, then the Ochoymedio has DJ sets on Friday and Saturday. Expect all varieties of music, such as electro, indie and New York rock to get you dancing the night away!

Kapital is another amazing club for you to discover on your Spanish nights out. Explore its seven different floors with its different kinds of music. Groove to R&B or dance to Spanish disco and work up a sweat! You can even try some karaoke if you dare!


Visit Madrid weather seasons temperatures

Madrid has delightful weather all year round, and it is predominantly sunny. It is one of the reasons to visit Madrid! As it is located on a high plateau, the city enjoys a dry climate with very little rainfall. You can even enjoy blue skies in the winter time, and not have to face freezing temperatures!

Madrid is one of Europe’s sunniest locations, with approximately 2000-3000 hours of sunshine recorded every year. The weather gets dry in winter but of course, in the summertime, the temperatures soar. In fact, they can go beyond 40°C! It is also during this time that you can enjoy the street parties and summer festivals. Though this is the busiest time of the year for tourists, locals flee to the coast to make the most of the beaches.

If the weather is too hot to handle, the best time to visit Madrid is in the fall, from September to November or in the spring, from March to May. During these times you can expect amazing weather all whilst being comfortable. They are also the best seasons for sightseeing as they are quieter times in terms of tourism. You’ll be able to navigate through the city without breaking a sweat and fighting crowds – sounds like perfection, right?

Rich history

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Like Spain in general, its capital has a rich history, so this means you have so many places to visit in Madrid on your trip. We recommend making an itinerary so you see everything you want to see. There are so many impressive monuments and museums for you to discover. The city boasts various kinds of museums – you won’t be lost for choice!

All things art

The Museo del Prado is one of the world’s most famous museums and is one of the main attractions in Madrid. Why is it so famous? It is the home to the world’s largest collections of Spanish paintings. Expect artwork from the likes of Velazquez, Rubens and El Greco but to name a few! The extensive collection means that you may need several days to see every bit of every masterpiece, you’ll never see the same thing twice!

If the works of painter Joaquin Sorolla fascinate you, then Museo Sorolla will make your itinerary. Wander through the beautiful gardens, while taking in the aspects of the painter’s life and imagination. View some of his artwork in his former mansion before enjoying the Madrid air.

Discovering Madrid’s monuments

On your cultural getaway, visit some of the city’s most famous monuments. In Puerta del Sol, you can view the Statue of the Bear and the Madroño. It is a popular meeting point and was built in 1967. In this scene, the Bear is leaning against a strawberry tree, and it is the symbol of resilience and strength of Madrid. Nearby, at Plaza Mayor, one of the city’s oldest squares, you can see Felipe III Statue. It depicts King Philip III of Spain riding his stallion. Later on, during the Franco dictatorship, relics and statues with any connection to Spanish monarchy were removed, including this one. However, when it was pulled from the stone mount, it toppled over and broke open, and hundreds of small bones came out of the hollow statue. The superstitious vandals were afraid it was the spirit of King Philip III coming back to haunt them, and refused to continue.