Girl Insists On Sleeping With Pitbull, Then Dad Learns Costly Lesson

Sleeping Troubles

Their daughter used to sleep on her own without any problems. However, recently, their daughter could not stand to be left alone, even if it was light out. Things took a turn once they adopted the dog. Initially, they were happy that their daughter was finally able to sleep through the night. However, they were completely unaware of what was truly going on. Click next to read on!

He Had It All

Dex Pritchett was a proud father of one-year-old Mikaela. He and his wife lived in Kansas and he worked at a local university. His wife had a successful bakery in town and they were content with their lives.

Pexels – Josh Willink

Dex believed he had a perfect life. He was married to the woman of his dreams, they had a beautiful daughter and he loved his job. However, this all would change the moment his daughter turned five.