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Best Venues To Have Your Wedding

Struggling to pick out a wedding venue for the big day? Scroll down to find out which luxurious locations have made our list…

Lake Como

Lake Como Wedding Destination Europe Italy

From dreamy Mediterranean towns to fancy and impressive castles and palaces, there is something for everyone, even the most understated of couples. You’ll find the best venues to have your wedding ceremony and celebration all over the world, no matter what your wedding theme or number of guests may be!

Lake Como Romantic Wedding Venues

Lake Como in Italy is a spellbinding destination for tourists and locals alike, and it will make an equally stunning wedding venue. Several celebrities have chosen Italy as their wedding destination, from Kim Kardashian-West to John Legend. It boasts luxurious wedding venues with breathtaking decors, like lush green gardens and striking architecture. One of the world’s most luxurious hotels can be found here, and it can soon become your wedding destination. As well as its opulent rooms, private villas can be found on the estate to host your guests. And its Mosaic Garden may make you consider Lake Como even more seriously. You and your guests will be surrounded by acres of gardens and mountains to admire.

Another hotel venue in the area that you should consider for your wedding is the Grand Hotel. It overlooks Bellagio and the Grigne mountains, and it has a swimming pool for you to throw the perfect pool party the night before! Its stylish decor will impress your guests!

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace UK Tudor Building Venue Events

Imagine having your wedding at a Tudor palace? Feel like a royal in this decadent setting, and enjoy the acres of land that will give you the choice of having an outdoor or indoor wedding. Its stained glass windows from the Tudor era and sumptuous tapestries will add a historical charm to your special day. The rooms are lavishly decorated and you will struggle saying goodbye to this place once celebrations are over. Nearby, you have the River Thames, and of course, you can visit the historical town of Richmond.

Hampton Court Palace UK Beautiful Wedding Venues

The palace has a wide range of event spaces for you to choose from. You will certainly be spoilt for choice! Your wedding can take place in one of the several halls or you can choose to have it in the gardens and get a breath of fresh air. They even have an events team on site to help you plan the big day!


Antibes France South Wedding

If you’re a wedding sunseeker, you’ll love Antibes in France. As well as having an interesting history, the sandy beaches and aqua blue waters make it a dreamy destination to say “I do”. Set in the Côte d’Azur region, this is a popular destination for future newlyweds and tourists alike. Its lush green palm trees and remarkable architecture will certainly wow your guests. The Juana Hotel has seen many famous faces, and it is not hard to understand why. The elegant decor, inspired by the 1930s, has caught the eyes of many couples. The hotel also has a pool to keep your guests cool and entertained in the days leading up to the big event.

Antibes France Stunning Wedding Venues

If you want to live your fairytale, then why not have the wedding in a castle? Chateau Eza was once home to Swedish royalty. It overlooks the French Riviera, and has a Michelin-starred restaurant to satisfy even the foodies of your friends and family.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Wedding Destination Travel

Abu Dhabi is the home to luxury and modernity. If you want a majestic wedding day, and your budget pretty much knows no limit, then you’ll want to add this wedding venue to the list of possibilities. The capital of the United Arab Emirates has stunning beaches and good weather all year round – so you won’t face any mishaps on the big day! Please note that because the communities are strict Muslims, that the legal drinking age is 21 years old and that same sex relationships are ilegal – so this isn’t a good place for a LGBT wedding.

Abu Dhabi Wedding Venue Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the home to many decadent hotels and palaces that will impress your guests and give you the fancy wedding you desire. The Ritz-Carlton in Abu Dhabi boasts views over the Great Mosque and perfectly green gardens to hold your special day in. The hotel even has its own private beach if you are seeking a beach wedding. Want something more private? Zaya Nurai is a private island resort just a 15 minute boat journey away from Abu Dhabi. Host your wedding in your own private villa or on the rooftop terraces.

Main Street Station

Main Street Station Richmond Virginia US Event Venue

Main Street Station is a stunning vintage wedding venue in Richmond, Virginia (US). Though it is still a rail station, it is also an incredible events venue. It is known for its iconic clock tower and elegant style throughout. They have two wedding venues – the Headhouse and the Shed.

Main Street Station United States Wedding Venue Romantic Unique

The Headhouse’s decor has been inspired by the French Renaissance. It is spacious, full of light, and minimalist yet chic. Its marble floors and high ceilings make it a beautiful place to host your big day at. The Shed has a more industrial vibe. Made from steel and glass, it has a more modern feel to it. You can see the city all around, and the building can host thousands of guests!

The Peninsula

The Peninsula Luxury Hotel Paris France

The Peninsula in Paris is a glamorous wedding venue that will captivate your guests. Located near the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées, it is a sumptuous hotel. It is renowned for its black and white chic decor for a touch of luxury. The hotel has links to amazing brands for your wedding dresses and suits to ensure you are looking picture-perfect on your special day. They have the possibility to plan your wedding for you. If you are yet to find a wedding planner, this is the ideal solution.

The Peninsula has 200 opulent rooms for you to put up your guests, including 86 suites. The luxurious hotel has a spa for you and your guests to wind down after a day of celebration. It has eight private rooms, 20-meter-long swimming pool and 2 jacuzzis, so you know you’ll find what you need to relax. There is also a rooftop garden suite, providing an oasis with a 360 degree view of Paris in all its glory. Parisian weddings are lux, so yours will be no exception! 

St Regis Monarch Beach

St Regis Monarch Beach California Resort Wedding

St Regis Monarch Beach is on the California coast. It is the home to idyllic wedding venues for you to hold the big day. Its Beach Resort has over 30,000 square feet of indoor meeting space with stunning decors. It also features botanical gardens, gazebos and ocean view terraces. The Grand Lawn is the most popular area for wedding ceremonies. You may have seen photos on Pinterest of its gazebo with a domed top for an impressive backdrop. It is a decadent setting for your wedding, with its fountains and balcony overlooking the beach. Inside, there is a ballroom for you two to have your very first dance – just like something straight out of a fairytale.

If organizing a lavish wedding worries you, the beach resort can provide accommodations, cake as well as lighting and sound services for the party. Tie all of your organizing into one and make the workload easier on you both!

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Italy Wedding Venue Europe

We all know Italy is a romantic country, so why not have your special day here? The Amalfi Coast stretches for only 30 miles, but it is one of the world’s most wonderful places. It is charming, with incredible views and of course, delicious Italian food. You’ll find cliff top luxury resorts, old hotels and a deep blue sea. What more could you possibly want? The Hotel Caruso will be a beautiful backdrop for your big day. In Ravello, you will fall for the hotel’s luxurious feel and lush green surroundings. It is one of the country’s most elegant wedding destinations, with over 50 guest rooms and an outdoor heated infinity pool overlooking the gorgeous coast.

Amalfi Coast Europe Italy European Wedding Eloping

Nearby, you also have Palazzo Avino, also in Ravello. It is fairly new to the area, and is an amazing five-star hotel set on the cliffs, 350 meters above the Mediterranean sea. It has a Michelin-starred restaurant and indoor facilities for you to celebrate in the evening. If you want music, note that indoors, only soft music is allowed. And outside, you can have any music you want up until 11pm.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Morocco Wedding Venue Destination Travel

Marrakech is Morocco’s most popular destination, and it is also captivating culturally and visually. It also has striking wedding venues for you to discover. Riad de Tarabel is a boutique hotel in an elegant French-inspired style, reminiscent of Old Hollywood Marrakech. It only has seven rooms, but it has a quaint courtyard, making it perfect not only for a small wedding, but also for many different celebrations.

Marrakech Morocco Wedding Venue Romantic Travel

If you want full-blown luxury, we recommend the Mamounia. It features royal gardens, 209 rooms and a luxury spa, ensuring that your guests have a fabulous stay while they wait for your special day.