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Best Places To Spend Halloween

October is here and that means only one thing – Halloween is round the corner! Halloween is not just for trick or treating kids… Us adults can enjoy it too! We may not be going round the neighborhood asking for sweets, but dressing up as something spooky sure is fun. And if you love travelling like us, then spending this celebration in a new place sounds twice as fun! But where are the best places to spend Halloween?

Once an American holiday, and now an international event, Halloween is gaining popularity all over the world! That means you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to destinations, all suitable for everyone, kids or adults. Plus, the mix of each country’s culture and Halloween guarantee a unique experience at each spot. You’ll have inspiration for years to come! Here are the best places to spend Halloween…

Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland Paris France Halloween Parade

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When you think of the most magical place in the world, Disneyland Paris springs to mind! The beginning of October marks the start of Disneyland’s Halloween festival – and that means Mickey Mouse pumpkins galore! The Disneyland Park will be decorated spookily and there is even a parade of all the Disney villains. You’ll be busy taking snaps of the festive decor! On top of that, you still have all the same activities, such as selfies with the old school Disney characters and shows – but this time of year they’re with a Halloween twist.

At the Walt Disney Studios Park, the fun continues – villains will be lurking around the park, so seize the opportunity to grab a photo with them! The Hollywood Tower will also be transformed for the occasion, so if you’re looking for a spooktacular ride, this should be the first one on your list.

New York, US

New York US Pumpkins October

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New York has a lot to offer, and even more so at Halloween! There are so many events for you to attend this time of year. The Village Halloween Parade, which takes place at Greenwich Village, is the most renowned event in the city. Every year, 50,000 zombies, witches and monsters take the streets at night and parade around the village. Explore the haunted side to Brooklyn with Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tours, in a Victorian-style minibus. Upon this tour, you can discover secret locations where crimes took place in Brooklyn spanning over 400 years.

What is Halloween without jack o’lanterns? New York has beautiful creations presented in two locations – Hudson Valley and Van Cortlandt Manor. Thousands of jack o’lanterns are lighted and presented making for a spectacular view! If you want a drink after your tour of New York, we recommend one of the city’s Halloween bars… Go to Beetle House, which of course is a tribute to Beetle Juice, or opt for a mixology experience at The Cauldron NYC Magical Pub. The unique Halloween experiences at bars and restaurants make New York even more magical!

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong China Asia Halloween Capital

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Hong Kong is known as the Halloween capital of Asia. The Cordis Hotel offers a Halloween-themed stay – the spooky afternoon tea time is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Even Halloween desserts are on the menu at the restaurant. Want a challenge? Head over to Lost Hong Kong, a thrilling escape game where you have to answer puzzles through various storylines such as escaping Alcatraz. They certainly know how to put on a show!

Hong Kong’s theme parks also celebrate Halloween – Ocean Park and of course, Disneyland. At Ocean Park, expect fright houses and parades. Each zone in the park features ghouls and ghosts for you to discover. Disneyland celebrates Halloween American-style, watch an interactive musical show and meet Disney’s villains and also the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

London, UK

London UK Pumpkins Halloween Britain

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London at Halloween is great fun for all the family! Many attractions are decorated for the occasion and have a Halloween-themed twist to them. Many Potterheads come to London to visit the Warner Bros. Studios, which are given a Halloween makeover. London has spooky attractions such as the London Dungeons and the London Tower, perfect for Halloween. At the London Tower, you will hear the tales of the people tortured in the past in the tower, and be sure to stop off by the Bloody Tower to really embrace the experience. 

If you want to experience London nightlife, then this can be done at Halloween! London nightlife is twice as fun at Halloween. Enjoy immersive nights out in clubs and bars across the capital. Get dressed up in your scariest costume and go to the Winchester House Club in North Greenwich. The night will be an eclectic mix of amazing DJs, creepy actors and a spooky atmosphere.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania Romania Dracula

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than visiting Transylvania? Apparently, the real Dracula lived here, and it has been associated with vampires ever since. It also boasts amazing yet eery architecture that will take your breath away. Visit the old town in Transylvania, Sighisoara, which is the birthplace of the real Dracula. Or explore the fictional Dracula’s castle, Bran Castle. Its winding passageways give it a spooky touch. Regular events take place at the castle, such as a Halloween party. Time to brush off that costume and get partying! Enjoy a gourmet dinner at the party while the festivities continue.

Visit the medieval citadel, and enjoy dinner and a magic show in an actual dungeon! Like scary movies? In Brasov, take part in the Dracula Film Festival. You can watch horror and fantasy movies. Also expect a zombie parade going through downtown Brasov.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Dia de los Muertos Mexico

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Oaxaca, in Mexico, is known thanks to Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It’s not just their version of Halloween, it’s a festival renowned for its parades and cemetery celebrations. Locals welcome the souls of their loved ones in cemeteries and wear indiginous dress. And of course, there’s tequila! The parade going all the way through the city enlivens the streets with music, fireworks and of course, the traditional face paint or masks. If you want an even more traditional celebration, Xoxo will be the destination to go to. Make sure to get a guided tour to discover the area and really embrace the culture.

As part of the celebrations, there is the Feria de Pan y Chocolate (the bread and chocolate festival), which sounds like our idea of heaven! You can also sip on a free delicious hot chocolate and take part in a costume contest with your best outfit!

Salem, US

Salem US Witchcraft

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Salem is known for its links to witchcraft, and also old American history. In fall, the pumpkins and the orange leaves of the trees make for amazing scenery. Understand its rich history through a guided tour. Learn about the witch trials and other elements of Salem’s past. One of its biggest attractions is the Salem Witch House, which was the home of the witch trial judge, Judge Jonathan Corwin. It is the only building still standing from this era.

As well as Corwin’s house, you can also learn more about the witch trials of 1692 through the Salem Witch Museum. You watch a 20 minute presentation that is really eerie and gets you into the spirit of the trials, and dramatizes the historical event. Stop by the memorial to pay your respects.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland The Big Scream Festival

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Ireland, and Dublin in particular, is a great spot to celebrate Halloween. They have a wide range of activities, providing something for everyone, whether you’re a partygoer or a family. The Big Scream festival takes place around Halloween, where the council shows old scary movie screenings and Halloween craft workshops. You can even play dress-up bingo with the locals! There is a Ghostbus that you can board to discover the city in a spooktacular way. You can learn about the history of Dracula author, Bram Stoker, who was born in Ireland.

We also recommend stopping by the Samhain parade, where you can watch a pageant of ghosts, witches, monsters and creatures walk throughout Dublin up to Temple Bar, where you can admire fireworks. 

New Orleans, US

New Orleans US Halloween Travel

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New Orleans is known for its rich history, particularly in music, but also is an attraction for Halloween celebrations. You can take a guided tour with one of two Halloween themes – haunted history or a ghost tour, you choose! The city is known for the presence of ghosts and it is well-known that spirits drift from bar to restaurant. In the French Quarter, each building has a connection to ghosts. New Orleans is very atmospheric, the residents decorate their houses to get into the Halloween spirit.

Want to visit a haunted house? Several make their return at Halloween, such as The Mortuary and the New Orleans Nightmare. At The Mortuary, you are a professional ghost hunter and you have to help in an ongoing investigation. The New Orleans Nightmare is an intense experience with satanic themes.