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Best Cities For Foodies

One of the best things about traveling is tasting the local food. Tucking into delicious traditional treats is something we love to do while exploring a new place. Each location has their own cuisine, and in the big cities, they have a varied gastronomical culture, and even Michelin-starred restaurants to get those taste buds tingling! But which are the best cities for foodies?

Finding places to eat is one of the best parts about preparing your vacation. There is so much choice. But what if you’re hesitating between locations? Here are the best foodie-friendly cities!


Helsinki best cities for foodies restaurants fine dining

Helsinki is not only a trendy city but is also a foodie’s haven. They have many high-quality yet affordable restaurants offering both local and international cuisine. Whether you’re searching for where to have brunch or where to have your next romantic dinner, Helsinki is definitely a city to take into consideration!


Paris France patisserie boulangerie fine dining desserts Louvres Georges Pompidou

Paris is the city of light, love, culture and also food! There are so many amazing luxury restaurants, and also high-quality yet affordable places to eat. The pricier restaurants have incredible views – from Café Marly you can see the Louvres, and Le George is on the rooftop of the George Pompidou Art Gallery. Magnifique!


London UK tea time best cities for foodies restaurants tourism

London is a cosmopolitan city – sure you’ve got traditional British food, and unique eating experiences such as the tea time buses, but you’ve got international cuisine just waiting to be explored too! Chinatown is the home to the world’s best duck, or why not discover the wonderful Michelin-starred restaurants of Mayfair?

New Orleans

New Orleans USA lobster seafood restaurants

New Orleans is one of the most interesting places to eat in America. They certainly love their seafood, and they won’t disappoint! The city’s favorite restaurants are seafood-oriented, but they also have some delicious Asian cuisine too with places such as the Luvi Restaurant for the city’s best dumplings!


Rome pizza Italian restaurant best cities for foodies ravioli pasta

The Italians know their stuff when it comes to food. It’s the best place for foodies and hungry travelers. Expect old-fashioned checkered floors, white tablecloths, and the freshest ingredients. Taste pizza straight from the oven and fresh ravioli in some scenic locations.


Tokyo Best Cities For Foodies Kobe Beef Restaurants Fine Dining

Tokyo is one of the best cities for foodies? Why? So many restaurants have Michelin stars here, showcasing their talent and the quality of their ingredients. And though Tokyo mixes all kinds of cuisine here, their local cuisine is just stunning! Their most popular restaurant is the Kobe Beef Teppanyaki Hakushu, which is a family-run Teppanyaki restaurant.


Dubai United Arab Emirates Indochine Asian restaurants

Dubai is an extravagant, international city with plenty to offer, and the food is no exception! They provide luxury, international cuisine. Indochine, a trendy Asian restaurant in DIFC, won Timeout’s best restaurant of 2021. Or go for Hutong, with its exquisite and spicy dishes!

San Antonio

San Antonio Foodie Cities oyster seafood

San Antonio is quickly becoming a culinary destination to be discovered! The city offers a diverse menu with treats from all over the world. Bohanan’s is known as the best steakhouse in town! You can start downstairs with a cocktail and move you way up to taste the restaurant’s renowned French grilled oysters.


Berlin hotdogs Germany food

When you go to Berlin, forget everything you knew about food! The city has plenty of opportunities to eat out, but how can you possibly choose? You can enjoy local produce at Nobelhart & Schmutzig, and when we say local, we mean that all produce comes from the capital and its surroundings – talk about authenticity!

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City best cities for foodies Vietnam

You’ll love Ho Chi Minh City just as much as you love food! You can dine in the dark at Noir for an unusual dining experience, or try more rustic Vietnamese food at Secret House. You’ll fall for their presentation and unique tastes!

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Argentina steakhouse

Buenos Aires is the Argentine food capital, and it’s a force not to be reckoned with! Did you know that the city is also known as the beef capital of the world? If you’re a carnivore you’ll love Buenos Aires, but vegetarians – fear not! There are plenty of options here too! If you’re looking to splash the cash, have dinner at Don Julio, known as one of the best steakhouses in the city!


Manchester UK food international cuisine

When you’re traveling to the UK, don’t overlook other cities – there’s not just London! Manchester is a foodie’s haven thanks to its delicious street food and incredible fine dining experiences. You can find The French, Manchester’s best fine dining restaurant, with head chef Adam Reid. You’ll love its decadent decor and amazing attention to detail!


Bangkok Thailand Asia best cities for foodies

Bangkok is a hot tourist destination, making it a very cosmopolitan city. This is reflected in the food, the city boasts both local and international cuisine. The food here is truly life-changing, and you can really try a bit of everything! Check out one of Asia’s best 50 restaurants, Sorn, where you can taste South Thailand’s finest ingredients. Savelberg, a French-style restaurant in the heart of Thailand!

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Israel Food Scene Culture

Tel Aviv is a trendy and cosmopolitan city in Israel, with beautiful sea views and a strong art and culture scene. The food also plays an important role in Tel Aviv’s day-to-day life. Go for a fine dining Asian experience at Taizu, where you can even watch the chef at work. If you’re looking for a more local experience, Claro will make your itinerary. They use local seasonal ingredients and are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.


Shanghai China Asia restaurants hot spot

Shanghai is a gastronomy and tourism haven, it’s a match made in heaven! One of its most famous restaurants is the Blue Sky Rotational. The menu changes every month to alternate between south Asian dishes. You can also see the city at night from this restaurant. Want to try the local hot pot? Then Lou Shang is your place! Though there are queues for hours, it is well worth the wait!


Kyoto Japan sushi best cities for foodies restaurant food scene

Kyoto has variety and quality – both things you look for when choosing the best city for a foodie. The Hyotei Main Branch is a restaurant with a 450 year history of which the food will leave you shook. Eat in one of their private rooms and tuck into the local cuisine. If you’re looking for affordable sushi, then Sushisei in downtown Kyoto will be a treat for the lips and the wallet.


Beirut Lebanon mezze food culture scene restaurants

Beirut is renowned for its food scene. Why is it one of the best cities for foodies? The restaurant scene has exploded over the last few years, and they have the tastiest cuisine! Check out The Barn, which is known for its delicious breakfasts and notably their toasts. If you’re into fine dining, then Em Sherif will be your favorite place to eat. It combines mezze and oriental cuisine and you can even smoke shisha on the terrace!


Oaxaca Mexico best cities for foodies Baroque Benito Juárez

Oaxaca is known and loved by tourists and locals alike for its quaint Baroque architecture and colonial-era streets. The restaurant scene is even more eclectic – modern restaurateurs are setting base here, and the street food vendors’ popularity is soaring! Check out Benito Juárez to taste the local street food and produce. Or try Tortas La Hormiga, loaded tortas with all your favorite ingredients!


Melbourne Australia restaurants food scene culture poodle bar and bistro

More and more new restaurants are opening in Melbourne, so what’s stopping you from trying them out? The Poodle Bar & Bistro takes kitsch dishes and gives them a modern, Italian twist – what’s not to love? Or venture out to Amaru, a fine dining and comfort food experience – yes it is possible!


Madrid Spain restaurant food European cuisine

You’re certainly not lost for choice when it comes to eating options in Madrid. Try out StreetXo, a casual 3 Michelin-star restaurant using the finest Spanish ingredients. Amazónico will also make your wishlist, with its tropical decor and its Asian and Mediterranean-fusion cuisine. You can come here for drinks, dinner or both!


Copenhagen Denmark nordic cuisine best cities for foodies restaurants

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is blossoming as a foodie haven. You can taste new Nordic cuisine in an amazing decor, with delicious local produce. Head over to Alouette for seasonal dishes with international influences, or taste the food at Hart Bageri, an upmarket bakery with plenty of tasty treats.


Norway Oslo nordic cuisine restaurant

Oslo is one of the best cities for food because it has plenty of specialities for you to discover. Not just its pastries, but also its very own hot dogs and of course smoked salmon on brown bread. It is also home to Maaemo, one of the world’s best restaurants. Savor the 26-plate menu with a revelation for your tastebuds!


Marrakech Morocco Africa best cities for foodies fine dining

Food is at the center of everyday life in Marrakech, they like to eat well and often! That’s something we can definitely get on board with! Not only can you taste local food in Marrakech, but you can also taste Mediterranean and Moroccan fusion food. +61 is a modern Medi-Moroccan restaurant which sources delicious local produce. Le Trou Au Mur has traditional recipes straight out of a grandmother’s cookbook. You’re sure in for a treat!

New York

New York City America USA restaurant steakhouse

New York City is a diverse dining experience – you can tuck into local treats or taste the international cuisine. You can opt for fine dining or go for a more chilled atmosphere. The choice is yours! Cote is a mouth-watering Korean barbecue and steakhouse restaurant. Hudson Smokehouse in South Bronx is an amazing smokehouse where the meats are mainly smoked with wood.


Lima Peru desserts restaurants

Lima is one of the reasons behind the success of Peruvian cuisine over the last few years. Limenians love dessert, so if you have a sweet tooth, Lima is the place for you! Pasteleria San Antonio is a favorite amongst locals because they have literally any dessert you could possibly wish for! More savory? Then the seafood restaurant, Rafael, will satisfy your needs!


Montreal Canada brunch pancakes restaurant food lunch dessert

Some of Montreal’s most iconic restaurants are poutine counters and smoked meat-joints. They love a robust meal that will satisfy your taste buds! It’s also where you can find the best brunches – Hélico is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a Sunday brunch after a long week of exploring. Looking for something a little more fine dining? Then Hoogan and Beaufort can bring you delicious open-fire cuisine.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles United States Burgers best cities for foodies burger joints

Los Angeles is one of the best cities for foodies. It is home to the most innovative and exciting food in the country. Looking for the city’s best burger joint? Petit Trois is a burger bistro with the tastiest burgers in the city. Seeking a little bit of Italy in Los Angeles? Then Bestia will be your favorite place to eat out, imagine Italian food with an international twist!


Lyon France French gastronomy food restaurants culture

Lyon, in Southern France, is one of the foodie cities of the country. It is the home to some of the best pâtisseries and boulangeries out there. You can opt for Lyon’s donut-like delicacies called bugnes lyonnaise, which you can tuck into, along with other delicious treats at the Ô Fournil des Artistes. Looking for classic French food? Book a table at Le Poivron Bleu with its daily changing menu.


Florence Italy Europe ice cream gelato restaurants

When in Italia, stop off at Florence, a foodie’s dream location! Fall for the city’s gelato shops – the firm favorite has to be Gelateria La Carraia, where the ice cream is creamy, soft and available in all sorts of delicious flavors. In terms of fine dining, Osteria dell’Enoteca is the perfect dining destination. It’s Tuscan cuisine with a modern twist – you’ll never want to leave!


Santiago Chile comfort food best cities for foodies restaurants fine dining

The Chilean capital has plenty to offer in terms of its food scene. Though Chilean food is known for being comfort-food, new chefs are turning that thought on its head. Chilean food can be made into a fine dining experience. Find local and authentic cuisine at Ana María Restaurant, the kinds of recipes that you can find at any Chilean grandmother’s place. Sarita Colonia is a restaurant that takes Chilean food and adds Asian, Peruvian and American twists to its traditional cuisine.


Vancouver Canada downtown fine dining restaurants cafés

Vancouver is always filled with locals and tourists, and one of the reasons why is thanks to its food scene. Downtown Vancouver is a brilliant spot to grab a bite to eat. Do Chay is a mouth-watering Vietnamese restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options. Looking for something a little more glam? Then Hawksworth is the place for you. They use local produce and the chef, David Hawksworth, is incredibly talented. The food is one-of-a-kind!


Bologna Italy best cities for foodies Europe pasta pizza lasagne

Bologna is the home to world-class pasta, which is why it is loved by foodie tourists and locals. The nearby Po Valley is the source of the local restaurants’ ingredients. Go to the city’s best trattoria, Trattoria Bertozzi, for beautiful pasta, and if you’re more of a pizza fiend, then Mozzabella will be your favorite place in the city. You can buy square pizza sheets with delicious gourmet toppings!


Naples Italy Europe Pizza restaurant

Eating out is the best part of the city of Naples. You can expect exquisite food and beautiful fine dining experiences. Palazzo Petrucci has incredible views across the city, and provides Napolitan cuisine at its best, in a more elaborate way. Longing for pizza? Ristorante Mattozzi has home-style cooking in a rustic decor. The pizzas are of course cooked in a traditional pizza oven, you’re in for a treat!


Prague Czech Republic best cities for foodies food tourism

Prague is another city famous for its food. It is especially known for Czech roast duck, bread dumplings, potato cakes. Prague food is usually associated with comfort food, but its food scene proves it is so much more than that. Field gives you a Scandinavian menu with delicious local wines. Or if you’re a carnivore, then you’ll love Eska. This restaurant focuses on meats and butchery. Although fear not – the city has plenty of vegetarian options!


Girona Spain brunch European food scene fine dining Michelin star

Don’t forget about Girona when traveling around the beautiful country of Spain! The city is home to twice-ranked World’s Best Restaurant, so that just gives you an idea of its food scene. The restaurant in question? El Celler de Can Roca. It has three Michelin stars! The restaurant pays tribute to Catalan cuisine. And all this with a beautiful decor. Looking for brunch upon your arrival? La Fabrica will be the answer to your prayers! Expect a quaint decor and delicious food.


Palermo Sicily Europe food market Michelin star fine dining

Palermo is the capital of Sicilian cuisine, and it won’t disappoint! Head over to Trattoria Piccolo Napoli, offering local, fresh food with no fuss and no pretentious intentions. If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, then Palermo has several Michelin star restaurants. Castello A Mare offers contemporary cuisine with a Sicilian touch. It is located near the marina within Castello A Mare’s archaeological park, ensuring spectacular views of the city.


Barcelona Spain churros churrerias fine dining Catalan cuisine

Barcelona has plenty of scrumptious delicacies to be tasted! The city is known for its churrerías, or its churros counters. Granja La Pallaresa has been serving churros and dark hot chocolate since its opening in 1947, and it’s a go-to destination in Barcelona. If you enjoy traditional cuisine, then you’ll love Agut! It serves traditional Catalan cuisine and you can enjoy the food surrounded by the great Catalan painters of the 20th century.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Latin America best cities for foodies restaurants food markets

Sao Paulo has one of the most developed food scenes in Latin America. It has an eclectic mix of African, Syrian, Japanese and Lebanese cuisine. So you have plenty of options! Tan Tan Noodel Bar serves ramen, katsu pork sandwiches and other Asian delicacies. Man​í is a traditional Brazilian restaurant, working with fresh local ingredients. It’s even earned a place in the world’s 50 best restaurants!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong street food fine dining Arcane Michelin star

Hong Kong is a hip place to be, and the food scene reflects that. It is one of the best cities for foodies thanks to its street food and fine dining experiences. Eat roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts on the street markets, or try Hong Kong’s most iconic street snack – curry fishballs. If you love fine dining, you will love Arcane! It serves modern European cuisine, and you can dine al fresco with an English tropical garden as the backdrop for your meal.


Sydney Australia best cities for foodies

Why is Sydney one of the best cities for foodies? It has a diverse food scene to suit all tastes and budgets. You can head over to Quay for a fine dining experience, with Harbor views and very artistic plates! Want to eat some Mediterranean-inspired dishes? Lola’s Level 1 will make your itinerary – enjoy their oysters and swig back their delicious cocktails! Want to discover the city’s local produce? The Carriageworks Farmers Market will have everything you need!